World's First Community Funded & Owned Mining Farm.
Why rent temporary hashing power?
Own it forever.

Began August 11th 2017 @ 9:00PM CST


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Get permanent hashing power by sending ETH to the address above.
This is how you receive the SEED token(s).
Tutorial on buying SEED token(s) on MyEtherWallet
Tutorial on adding custom token(s) to MyEtherWallet

1 ETH = 5000 SEED

0.0002 ETH minimum = 1 SEED

Please only send multiples of 0.0002 ETH.

Plant your seed.

Daily payouts start October 2017

Early Buyer Rewards

The first 1,000,000 SEED sold will be awarded a 10% bonus to those SEED holders.

The second 1,000,000 SEED sold will be awarded a 7.5% bonus to those SEED holders.

The third 1,000,000 SEED sold will be awarded a 5% bonus to those SEED holders.

The fourth 1,000,000 SEED sold will be awarded a 2.5% bonus to those SEED holders.

These bonuses will be given once the miners are setup in October 2017.

SEED Token

SEED tokens represent your hashing power.

Holding SEED tokens gets you permanent hashing power.

This gives SEED tokens value because any ETH address that holds these tokens will receive daily payouts from the mining proceeds.
This allows you to buy and sell these tokens to/with others.

These SEED tokens will have permanent hashing power backing them forever.

Daily payouts start October 2017

Mining proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrencies.

Dedicated mining hardware for all the major proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm cryptocurrencies.


PoW Farm will always use the latest in mining technology for maximum performance.


A small percentage of the daily mining profits will be held in order to pay for expenses such as:
Electricity, insurance, internet, maintenance, rent*.
Maintenance includes saving for inevitable miner repair & upgrades.
This is how your investment will continue to mine forever.


PoW Farm is in the
United States in an area with very low electricity costs.

* PoW Farm hopes to generate enough crowd-funding to buy a location, rather than the current renting solution.
* This will greatly increase mining profits overall for everyone.


Live camera feed and mining statistics available 24/7

Mining Statistics

The miners will mine the most profitable coin every 24 hour period.
This will enable us to payout peak profits every pay period.
All the miner statistics will be available 24/7

Camera Stream

All of the current mining farms that allow you to rent mining power are not transparent.
We want to be different and offer a live camera stream accessible 24/7.
You can watch the team do maintenance or the machines flex their number crunching skills.

Mine Effortlessly

Let PoW Farm handle it.

PoW Farm provides an enjoyable mining experience by removing the difficulties of replacing parts, upgrading, software tweaks, heat-generated and the space it takes up.

Full Explanation

That's all good and dandy, but tell me what's going on exactly.

PoW Farm is going to host and maintain mining machines for the
community funded by the community.

This is much like the services offered by mining power rental websites except instead of only having hashing power for the term you pay for, you'll keep the hashing power forever.

PoW Farm will achieve this by retaining a small percentage of the daily mining proceeds to keep the operation alive and upgraded.

PoW Farm already has $80,000 in mining equipment. These miners are for when future investors have purchased SEED tokens but not enough SEED tokens have been bought to buy the next miner. This creates a buffer for us to be able to pay out anyone who invests while we wait for enough investors come in for us to buy the next miner.

PoW Farm will mine the most profitable coin every 24 hour period and then convert these proceeds to Ethereum (ETH).

PoW Farm will payout daily to anyone that puts in.
Anyone that puts in Ethereum (ETH) will be paid in Ethereum (ETH) as per the amount of SEED tokens held.
(When you put ETH into the smart contract, you will receive SEED tokens.)
(The amount of SEED tokens you have against the total SEED tokens in existence is your "stake" percentage.)

You will receive a percentage of the daily mining proceeds based on your percentage "stake" (in USD) against the total community fund (in USD).


Bob puts in 0.5 Ethereum and receives 2,500 SEED tokens. (worth $175 USD).
Sarah puts in 2 Ethereum and receives 10,000 SEED tokens. (worth $700 USD).

Total Community Fund: $30,000 (total fund before) + $175(Bob) + $700(Sarah) = $30,875.

Today's mining proceeds after retainer: $600 USD worth

Bob has put in $175 of the total $30,875. His "stake" is ~0.567% ($175/$30,875).
Bob receives ~0.567% of today's proceeds which is ~$3.40 or ~0.0097143 ETH.
At this rate, Bob can expect to have his initial investment back in 52 days.

Sarah has put in $700 of he total $30,875. Her "stake" is ~2.27% ($700/$30,875).
Sarah receives ~2.27% of today's proceeds which is ~$13.60 or ~0.03886 ETH.
At this rate, Sarah can expect to have her initial investment back in 52 days.

As the community fund gets higher, the daily mining proceeds will rise proportionally.
Even though your initial "stake" will become lower, your daily proceeds will stay the same because everything is based on percentages.


The community's path to the moon


Aug 2017 - Forever

Launch the ICO/Crowdfund.
Enable account creation and fund tracking.

Location & Hardware

September - October 2017

Find suitable location for PoW Farm based upon crowdfund amount.
Receive mining hardware and begin build out.
Setup live stream camera.

Begin Mining & Prepare

October - Mid October 2017

Begin mining!
Start daily payouts for SEED holders!
Setup live statistics
Prep for more mining hardware.


November 2017 - Forever

The mining community now owns the biggest cryptocurrency mining farm.

PoW Farm Team

Kenneth George

CEO / Software Engineer / Hardware Tech

All legal related duties, software setup and maintenance.

Joshua Holden

Hardware Tech

Repairs, upgrades, build outs of mining farm.

Chance Messi


Online presence and marketing research.

Ben Johnson

Escrow / Fund Manager

All funds raised are held until we reach enough to launch.
If the crowdfund never reaches high enough, all funds will be refunded to the senders' addresses.
Minimum amount needed to start ~$15,000.